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Woltjer Engines is a family owned business that has been building engines since 1988. Our daily objective is to build the finest quality engines that can be built. We are constantly finding ways to make more horsepower. Woltjer Engines does not have a racing team because we build all motors equally and enjoy providing all of our customers with the direct knowledge and support they need.

Latest Results

Pittsburgh - WKA Man. Cup Winners
Yamaha Rookie Sportsman Final 1 - Alex Verhagen
Yamaha Rookie Sportsman Final 2 - Alex Verhagen
Komet Sportsman - Leonardo Stoia
Cadet Sportsman Final 2 - Leonardo Stoia
Komet Jr Lite - Kyle Kalish
Yamaha Jr Heavy - Kyle Kalish

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Address:805 West Elgin Street
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E-mail: Info@WoltjerEngines.com